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Specialty Groups

The groups listed below require an annual audition for participation and are made up of our intermediate, advanced and pre-professional dancers. Each group member is required to attend a ballet technique class weekly and jazz technique every-other week in order to maintain eligibility to perform. 

Jr. & Sr. Performance Group 

10/24- Jazz Tech

11/7- Choreography Rehearsal 

11/14-Jazz Tech

11/28-Choreography Rehearsal 

12/5-Jazz Tech

12/12-Choreography Rehearsal 

12/19-Jazz Tech

1/9-Choreography Rehearsal 

1/16-Jazz Tech

1/23-Choreography Rehearsal 

1/30-Jazz Tech

2/6-Choreography Rehearsal 

2/13-Jazz Tech

2/27-Choreography Rehearsal 

3/6-Jazz Tech

3/13-Choreography Rehearsal 

3/20-Jazz Tech

3/27-Choreography Rehearsal 

4/10-Jazz Tech

4/17-Choreography Rehearsal 

4/24-Jazz Tech

5/1-Choreography Rehearsal 

5/8-Jazz Tech

5/15- TBD

DR Company 2023

10/17- Jazz Tech

11/7- Jazz Tech

11/14-Choreography Rehearsal 

11/28- Jazz Tech

12/5-Choreography Rehearsal 

12/12-Jazz Tech

12/19-Choreography Rehearsal 

1/9- Jazz Tech

1/16-Choreography Rehearsal 

1/23- Jazz Tech

1/30-Choreography Rehearsal 

2/6- Jazz Tech

2/13-Choreography Rehearsal 

2/27- Jazz Tech

3/6-Choreography Rehearsal 

3/13- Jazz Tech

3/20-Choreography Rehearsal 

3/27-Jazz Tech

4/10-Choreography Rehearsal 

4/17-Jazz Tech

4/24-Choreography Rehearsal 

5/1-Jazz Tech

5/8-Choreography Rehearsal 

5/15- TBD

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