Specialty Groups

Both Jr. & Sr. Performance Groups will meet from 4:30-5:30pm

Jr. Performance Group 

September: 21st

October: 5th, 19th 

Sr. Performance Group 

September: 14th, 28th

October: 12th 

Disney Performance Group

September: 26th   1-3pm

October: 3rd        12-2pm

What is 'Disney' ? 

Since 1995 we have taken a group of highly trained, deeply dedicated dancers to perform in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This year marks our 13th performance in WDW. The group of dancers who are selected to go are required to have previously participated incur Jr. and Sr. Performance Groups. It is though these specialty groups that our dancers gain the confidence and experience to take on the role of a DR Disney Cast Member. Dancers work closely with choreographers to put together a 20 minute show where they are expected to master a number of different styles of dance. Every year since our first group was invited to perform in WDW we close our show with 'God Bless The USA'. This has become our signature piece at Danc'letics that families and dancers alike anticipate each year. Each Disney Cast is unique and holds a very special place at our studio and in our hearts. We look forward to this coming year as we embark on yet another 'Disney Year' with our 2019 Disney Cast.